28 December, 2015

Here Ye, Here Ye, Here Ye

Up and at 'em bitches. The lottery board is back up and open.
Get signed up early.
Remember, you can't win if you don't enter.

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director


21 December, 2015

A Whore's Diary


Ever wonder what goes through the mind of a whore?
I recently discovered one of our sluts is keeping a diary.
Can you believe that? As if these cunts can have any secrets.
Anyway, I'm giving you all access to the diary - just don't tell her, she might stop writing in it - or at least not be so candid about what she says.


20 December, 2015

Story Contest: Dreams Do Cum True

Larry Humpko is a slaver trying to make a living dealing with precarious and difficult situations.  There is much money to be made in selling human flesh, unfortunately the market is dominated by a few large corporations who don't mind paying bribes to the local constabulary.  The local office of the BFA looks the other way for the large corporations' infractions and misdemeanors.  As Larry might joke: “sex is a misdemeanor, the more I miss the meaner I am.”  Larry often remarks that we have the best government that money can buy. 

The independent slaver is tasked to keep up with many regulations and random inspections.  While doing his slaver taxes, Larry Humpko frequently calls on Anna, his gynoid, to aid him by checking his arithmetic and expenses.  Larry frequently wonders why any sane man would want a human sex slave when a tax-free gynoid is affordable.  But business is business. 

Today Larry is busy getting the kennels cleaned up for a coffle of a dozen new slave girls.  He only has two girls at the moment: Salome, his first girl; and Rose, a short, dark-skinned girl he hasn't been able to sell.  He had hoped that Rose would run away and find some hoary old curmudgeon who would kennel her.  He hates paying the slave tax on inventory he can't move. 

Everyone in Humpko's Hostel, as it is commonly called, everyone is as busy as a cat covering up shit on a tin roof.  (Old Mississippi joke.)  There is a loud knock. This can mean only one thing: a slavecop.  Anyone else would ring the doorbell. Larry checks his monitor and buzzes the officer in.  “We are getting some new girls today, Copper.  I know your fantasies, rarely satisfied, I might add.” 

“Some like expensive cunts or athletes, artists, acrobats, angels, or assholes. You would want a virgin and an advanced degree in electrical engineering.  Well, here are the input files on the incoming dozen.  We can arrange a private investigation for you if you finds your heart's desire.”  Larry chuckles.  It is common knowledge in the community that Slaver Humpko caters to those with bizarre, rare wishes and dark, depraved, disgusting, despicable desires.  He frequently would personally go on a voyage of acquisition to satisfy a discerning client. 

“Copper” is Mike Horn's nick name.  He is known for his sadistic streak.  He is especially fond of young, highly educated virgin girls.  The large corporations won't allow the low-level slavecops use of a virgin, hence, Mike Horn visits the more vulnerable independent slavers.  Larry gives Mike a stack of a dozen folders. It only takes a moment for Mike to pick out the “girl of his dreams.”  He spies a candidate named Sussie Sassoon, abducted on her way home after a night class in tensor analysis. 

“This is my heart's desire!” Mike blurts out.  “This petite intellectual has to be virginal.” 

“It doesn't say about her virginity on her profile, Mike,” Larry remarks.  “You will have to find that out for yourself.  As far as her being your 'one and only,' Mike, this is a story I've heard a dozen times before.  You get bored and want to move on.” 

“There is a modicum of truth in what you say, Larry,” Mike argues, “but there is always the chance.  A man's reach must exceed his grasp or what's a pussy on a girl good for?  An old Chinese woman once told me that a girl's ass is only good for two things: sitting and caning.  I would add a third: a glory of glories to be penetrated by a massive member.” 

“Well, we are busy getting ready for a coffle of a dozen girls,” Larry says.  “Why don't you go out to the loading dock and wait for the arrival.  Anna, my gynoid, will lead you.” 

“Sounds like a winner to me, Larry,” Mike responds.  Mike and Anna depart for the loading dock.  A large truck pulls in and the driver leads a coffle of a dozen girls out.  They are in various stages of undress.  Mike notices a petite shy girl, Sussie, still dressed in her school uniform: a sailor suit with high white stockings, knee-length skirt, and thick cotton bra and panties.  Mike cannot control his penis, it bulges in his crotch.  Several girls, despite their obvious discomfort, still manage to giggle. 

Each girl is wearing a Titanium shipping collar.  They are concatenated together, “daisy chain” style with a locking chain.  Each girls' hands are cuffed behind her back.  As said, the girls are dressed in whatever they were wearing when abducted. The “hunting permit” for this select group of females didn't come cheaply either. 

Mike points out Sussie to Anna the gynoid.  Although sculpted as 5'9”, 125 lbs., 35(B)-25-35, Anna is a combat model.  She can easily handle the entire coffle.  Anna removes Sussie from the coffle, leashes her, and hands the leash to Mike.  Sussie tries to look away but Mike slaps her face.  This humiliates Sussie a maximum. 

“I have rights,” Sussie mustered up the courage to speak. 

Mike ignored the callow coed's remark.  Anna directed Mike to a nearby private examination room.  Mike was shaking with anticipation.  The girl Sussie was clearly embarrassed, frightened, and humiliated.  At least she felt that she would be free of the giggles from the rest of the coffle.  But the examination room was replete with a battery of cameras, suitable for 3D imagery. 

Sussie Sassoon is horrified at the prospect of what she is about to endure. 

Once in the examination room, Sussie tried to avoid Copper's advances.  This infuriated Mike most of all and he got an auto-inject tranquilizer syringe.  The drug was designed to keep the victim fully conscious but unable to move or resist. After the injection, Sussie went limp.  Mike took his time undressing the slave girl, showing off each item of clothing to the banks of recording cameras while the girl was powerless to resist or even object.  She did manage to whisper her loathing, threatening, and fear. 

Mike positioned Sussie on a gynecological chair and strapped her in place.  Her vulva and anus were unprotected, exposed, and available.  Knowing that Sussie could feel everything done to her body excited him a maximum.  He began by pinching, pulling, and twisting her clitoris.  Then he sought the penultimate and quintessential exploration.  Her hymen was intact, Sussie was a virgin, a twenty-year-old virgin, no less.  Mike horn pulled out his engorged and tumescent penis and felt the irregular veins throb with lewd, lustful, lecherous expectation. 

It took a maximum of force to drive the bareback shaft into her pristine pussy. But enter her Holy of Holies he did.  Sussie Sassoon bled.  He held his orgasm until he was able to force his evil-smelling penis into her Glory of Glories, her tiny, taut, tight anus.  Tomorrow this tyro would be swollen and sore, the ideal girl for rough sex. 

Mike was too self-obsessed to observe that Sussie experienced a vaginal orgasm as Mike's cock rubbed her g-spot and bounced her cervix.  Had Mike not been in such a hurry he would have noticed her hard cervix and congested uterus.  Sussie came and came hard.  Her libido carried her to new heights of ecstasy!  She had often dreamed of rough rectal rape.  It was, in some ways, her dream “cum” true. 

Story Contest: The Gold Card

I was attempting to adjust my bikini top when the man joined me in the sauna.  Judging from just the tiniest touch of gray in his hair, I guessed him to be in his 40's.  The dress code at this resort so severely limited the allowed coverage of bikinis that even a B-cup girl would have trouble staying covered.  Even if optimally positioned, with my double D tits portions of my areola were still visible.  And that was only if I sat perfectly still since any movement whatsoever would reveal either or both nipples.

The man lifted the ladle from the pail of water, poured it over the hot rocks with a hiss of steam and then sat on a bench opposite me, casually appraising me.

Giving him a wry grin, I said, "Maybe I should just give up and take my top off?"

"I insist.", was his reply.

Of course he would.  And I had no choice.  Reaching behind, I pulled the string for my top and let it fall to the bench beside me.  Before that fucking “Compulsory Female Slavery Law” passed, I was a college junior with a 4.0 GPA and had done a summer internship at this very same resort.  Three days after the law took effect, I turned 18.  I wasn't really surprised when Mom came for me.  For the past three days, she'd been naked or at the most, wearing a tiny pair of my thong panties so the angry red stripes across her tits and between her legs were easily visible and explained the screams and crying that had come from her bedroom the first two days of the new law.

My birth certificate records my time of birth as 10:07 AM.  At 10:08 AM on my 18th birthday, Mom brought me into her bedroom, stripped me, forced me to kneel, and held my head as Daddy fucked my face, filling my mouth with cum.  Daddy then ordered Mom to sit on my face which she obediently did, rocking her hips back and forth and whimpering as Daddy twisted her nipple clamps while she sucked him hard again.  When Daddy was fully erect, Mom sweetly asked him, "May I please guide your hard dick into your cunt daughter's tight fuckhole?"  To this day, those words still burn in my ears.

I was in a daze, still tasting Daddy's cum and feeling the wetness of Mommy's cunt on my face as Mommy got under me in the 69 position and began licking my cunt.

"Does it make you hot to help me fuck the cunt of the daughter I fucked into your cunt 18 years ago?", Daddy asked Mom.

I knew that Mom was only trying to avoid more torture and would say anything but her reply still cut through me, especially since Daddy had forced Anna, my 16 year old sister, to watch what was now perfectly legal incestual rape.

"Oh yes Master.  This cunt used to finger fuck my dirty hole as I thought about you fucking her.  I'm so happy that she's now old enough to be the fucktoy you always deserved.", Mom husked, trying to make Daddy believe she meant what she said.

Resting my head on Mom's tummy, I could easily see how swollen her cunt lips were and the welts left by the whip that had repeatedly slashed her fuckhole and clit.  As I felt my cunt lips being spread open and Daddy's dick being rubbed through my exposed slit and then forced into my fuckhole, I knew Mom was only doing what she had to do.

"Tongue fuck Mommy's cunt, Fuckmeat.  Show her how much you appreciate her helping me fuck your tight cunt.", Daddy grunted as he got into a fuck rhythm.

Several months later after I discovered that all the cum that Daddy had fucked into me had gotten me pregnant, I tried to resist his sexual demands.  After two days of sadistic torture, I gave in but still had to endure two weeks of brutal torture as punishment and have never since resisted a sexual order, no matter how humiliating or degrading.  But that first time, I was so overwhelmed that I did exactly as Daddy ordered.

When Daddy had called me "Fuckmeat", I assumed that he was just taking pleasure in calling me a humiliating dirty name.  While it definitely was his intent to humiliate me in front of Mom and my sister, the appellation was much more significant as he'd just decided on my servonym.  According to my slave registration certificate, my name was officially changed to "Cali Fuckmeat".

Daddy continued fucking me, sometimes with rapid fuck strokes, other times grabbing my hips and ramming his big dick as hard and as far into my fuck hole as he could.  But he'd frequently pull out though I'd continue to feel his hips thrusting.  I was momentarily confused the first time that happened, but quickly realized that he'd just switched from fucking my cunt to fucking Mom's mouth as if it was a cunt.  Daddy would order her to "taste your fucking daughter's cunt on my dick." as if she had any choice, but making sure that Anna and I knew all the details of Mom's degradation.  Daddy would ram his dick all the way down Mom's throat and hold it there, making her jerk and gag.  I had a hard time keeping my tongue in her cunt when she was struggling like that but did my best as I listened to Daddy telling Mom how good her throat spasms were making his dick feel.  All that brutal throat fucking resulted in a lot throat slime spilling over Mom's face when Daddy pulled out and returned to fucking my cunt and I remember being thankful for all the lubrication.

After what seemed like years but was really only about 30 minutes, Daddy began fucking me faster and faster, then leaned over to reach under me and grab my nipples, pinching them so hard that I cried out, my scream of pain mixing with his roar as he slammed his hips into me, burying his dick deep inside my thoroughly fucked cunt and filling me with jet after jet of hot sticky cum.  His rapid orgasmic spasms began to slow as he collapsed on my back, grinding his crotch against my cunt lips and on each orgasmic aftershock, twisting and pinching my nipples to give me fresh jolts of pain.  This first fuck set a common theme which Daddy turned into an absolute rule, explaining how it greatly enhanced his orgasm to know I was in pain when he was experiencing maximum pleasure.

Temporarily satiated, Daddy pulled out of my cunt and as he moved up so that he could force me to lick and suck his cock clean "to thank him for fucking me".  Without being ordered, Mommy immediately clamped her mouth on my cunt and I could feel her tongue searching out the cum that Daddy has just fucked into me.  When Mom finished cleaning my cunt as well as she could, Daddy ordered her to spit her mouthful of his cum mixed with my cunt cream and her own throat slime on my face.  I was prohibited from wiping any of the mess off my face, though it hardly mattered as two hours later, I knelt under the table sucking Daddy's dick as he ate lunch and he then had Mom jack him off onto my face when he was done.  He then ordered us into the bathroom and had me lie on my back in the shower with Mom sitting on my face.  Mom was ordered to piss in my mouth as Daddy pissed all over her face, tits, and in her mouth so I got to drink Mom's piss while Daddy's piss ran down her body and onto my face.

That was the start of two years of continuous sexual degradation and frequent torture, serving every one of Daddy's dirty perverted desires that only ended after Anna's 18th birthday.  After Mom and I helped Daddy enact on my sister all those humiliations that she'd been forced to observe Mom and me endure, Daddy sold me to this resort where I now serve.  It's one of the Holton resorts and I'm sure you've seen that famous old ad.  It featured London Holton kneeling naked astride a big dildo and smiling, cum dripping from her forehead, cheeks, and chin onto her tits as she holds two dicks just starting to shoot more cum on her face.  "Cum visit me at the Holton" reads the copy.  Things certainly changed for party-girl London when that fucking law passed.

So, as I said, I had no choice except to obey the order of the man that had joined me in the sauna.  He could see that my collar was black which meant that I was free to use by any guest.  At 37, I was well used and though my natural big tits had very little droop and I had some value as a MILF, I was just a complimentary fucktoy, no different than one of those small bottles of shampoo that guests naturally expected to be supplied by any hotel.

"Bottoms too, cunt.  And then get over here for inspection.", the man ordered.

Like the bikini top, the tiny bottom which barely covered my clit was nearly transparent, so I was only marginally more naked after slipping it off.  "Inspection" meant that I was to stand with my hands behind my head, my tits thrust out, and my legs spread "wide enough to allow easy access to your cunt", to quote the rule.  The man stood up, hefted my tits, then pinched my nipples hard, twisting them as he looked me in the eyes.  I'd long ago learned how much pleasure men get from sexually hurting a women and I knew the man was looking for tears as proof of my pain and also that I understood that there was nothing I could do to stop him.

Sitting back down, her ordered me, "Pull those cunt lips open.  Show me your fuckhole."

"Yes Sir.", I replied, thrusting my hips forward and pulling my lips apart and back to show my pink gash.  "It's still quite tight as is my asshole.  Both holes will make your dick feel so good."  The resort had an audio/video surveillance systems so I never knew if management was watching or listening so had to continually demonstrate sexually submissive behavior.

The man snorted, then roughly penetrated me with two fingers.

"Squeeze.", he ordered as he began finger fucking me.

Every resort cunt is evaluated monthly and one of the tests measures how long we can hold a shiny metal vibrator inside our cunt while standing in the Inspection Position.  Failure to meet standards results in severe punishment and then a month as a piss pot, locked into position in a bathroom as a urinal.  So I religiously practice my Kegel exercises and am quite proud to say that I was telling the truth when I told the man that my fuckhole was still quite tight.

While I was concentrating hard on matching my cunt muscle contractions to the rhythm of the man's finger fucking, the sauna door opened and identical twin girls walked in.  Although topless, they were wearing identical nearly transparent tiny white g-string bikini bottoms that had slipped in between their bare puffy cunt lips and identical gold collars.  The girl on the left was attached by a chain running from a clamp on her right nipple to an identical clamp tightly gripping her sister's left nipple.  Except that each girl parted her long brunette hair on opposite sides, the two were nearly indistinguishable.  It was clear as the man looked back and forth between the twins and me, noticing similar big tits, hair and eye color, shape of the mouth, and so forth why he wasn't surprised when the twins said in unison, "Hi Mom."

My own father had fucked them into me and delighted in telling me that he was cumming all over them every time he fucked my pregnant cunt.  The end result though was two stunningly beautiful cunts that had been created as fuck toys for the sole purpose of satisfying the perverted sexual desires of any man that used them.  Unlike me, they'd been raised from birth to understand that they only had two purposes in life.  The first was to make a man's dick hard.  The second was to make the man cum, after which they returned to their first task.

The man continued finger fucking me so I concentrated as hard as I could on continuing to use my cunt muscles to massage his fingers as if it was a dick I was trying to make cum inside me while I introduced my daughters.

"Sir, may I introduce you to my twin girls, Nichole Fuckmeat and Shari Fuckmeat.  They turned 18 only two weeks ago and both their cunts are fucking hot, incredibly tight, and eager to make you cum again and again.", I told the man, beginning to thrust my hips slightly back and forth to distract the man from hearing the strain in my voice.  "They'd both love to be naked on their hands and knees letting their big tits bounce free while you alternated between fucking their assholes and cunts until they beg you to grab their big udders and use them as handles to help you drive your dick even deeper into their fuckholes.  And as an added inducement, you should know that they both scored at the top of their class in both cock sucking and rimming."

Besides my function as a free piece of resort fuck meat, I was required to try to sell the guests on the purchase of higher quality fuck toys.  There were several grades of cunt above my own black level, including bronze, silver, and the top gold grade that my daughters were.  If I could sell a session with just one daughter, I'd get much better tasting dog food in my dinner bowl for a whole week.  My mouth watered at the prospect of selling both my daughters as resort whores and gaining a whole month of good dog food, so I continued my sales pitch.

"The check-in desk is where you can purchase the gold card that you can then exchange for any cunt wearing a gold collar.  If you want both my daughters, and I highly recommend the experience, you'll need two gold cards, but the minuscule cost is insignificant compared to the pleasure of using them in any way you want as many times as you want for two entire days.", I enthused.

The man laughed as he pulled his fingers from my cunt, presenting them to me to lick clean.  After I was done, he reached into the pocket of the shorts he was wearing and pulled out two dozen gold cards.  "Sold", he told me, giving two cards to each of my daughters.  One card bought them for two days, however with two cards, he owned their three fuck holes, their big cow tits, and every inch of their bodies for an entire week and could do anything he wanted limited only to injuries which would heal within two weeks.  Even that wasn't much of a limitation for wealthy men as there would simply be an additional surcharge for every additional week of required healing beyond the first two.

The right to permanently mark a fucktoy, for example by branding, could also be purchased separately.  The prices were commensurate with the quality of the fucktoy, and for a black collar, fairly inexpensive.  I was tied spread eagle on my back after all three of my fuck holes had been filled with cum numerous times, with a huge plug in my asshole and an equally huge dildo forced into my cunt to keep the cum from dripping out.  Vicious alligator clamps bit into my badly abused nipples, the pain all the more intense from the rough ropes that had been tied tightly around my tits.  My vision was blurry and my eyes stung from where one of the other cunts had held them open while a couple of the other cunts took turns sucking the dicks and then jacking off at least five men and aiming the spurting cum onto my face and into my eyes.  My screams of pain when the word "CUNT" was branded just above my clit was muffled by the man who was slapping my tits and twisting my nipple clamps as he fucked my throat, his balls massaging the cum covering my face into my skin.  That was not a fun time.

"It's my son's 18th birthday and I'm throwing a party for him and a bunch of his friends.", he told me.  "I'll take you and your cunt spawn over to the suite and they can get started using you while I round up more cunts, but first I want to dress you.  Give my your top."

I handed him my discarded bikini top which was the standard triangle style with a string attached to the top of each of what could be laughingly called the bra cups and intended to be tied together behind the wearer's neck.  And additional string was attached to the side of each bra cup and they were supposed to be tied to each other behind the back.  But that's not how the man dressed me.  Instead he tied the top and side string of one bra cup tightly around the base of one of my big tits, making Nicky hold her finger on the partially tied knot while he completed it.  The first tit had already considerably reddened by the time Shari helped the man tightly bind my other tit with the remaining bra cup.

"Don't. Ever. Cover. Your. Fucking. Tits. You. Stupid. Cunt. Mouth. Fuck. Face. God. Damn. Dirty. Fucking. Piece. Of. Useless. Fuck. Meat.", the man angrily ordered, punctuating each word with a vicious slap of my burning tits.

By the end, I was sobbing, but I managed to choke out, "This cunt is so sorry sir.  I'm so stupid.  Thank you for punishing me and teaching me how I can be a better fucktoy."

"And don't forget your bottom, cunt.", the man told me as he picked it up.  "Open that fucking cunt mouth.  Wide.  Show your daughters how a cunt obeys a man's orders."

Obediently I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, turning slightly so as to give Nicky and Shari a better view as the man turned the bottoms inside out and rubbed the crotch on my tongue before stuffing the bottoms into my mouth.  They tasted of sweat, my own cunt juice, and cum from the dog that had fucked my cunt while the two brothers in suite 507A took turns fucking my mouth earlier that day.

"And let me fix those for you two cunts before we go.", the man told Nicky and Shari as he reached out to pull the side strings of their bottoms before pushing them into their fuckholes, leaving the strings hanging out like some sort of perverted tampon.  I knew with 100% certainty that those bottoms were at some point going to end up in mine or my daughter's mouths, probably soaked in cum, piss, or both.

Reaching into the other pocket of his swim suit, he pulled out a dog leash, attached it to my clit ring, and giving it a jerk said, "Let's go Fuckmeats.  You're going to have a lot of fun.  Well probably you won't, but my son and his friends will!"

Story Contest: Be Careful What You Wish For

So here I am… I thought I was so clever, I thought I could buy my freedom from the “Compulsory Female Slavery Law” forever or at least until I was too old and wrinkly for anyone to want to make use of. My business was still successful but they found a way of pulling the rug out from under me and now the Bureau have taken control and I am here in this cattle market that they call an auction. I had it all: money, clothes, house, car and a string of lovers to meet my voracious sexual appetite. Now what do I have? This slutty dress, these high firm tits and a tight cunt to peddle to the highest bidder; not that I will ever see the money of course, but I could see money flashing in the eyes of the Bureau members when they looked at me.

I guess this isn’t so bad, I mean, sometimes I have had some hot dreams about being a slave, having a powerful man taking control of me, in fact I have stuck my fingers between my legs to that thought a few times. I am just going to have to make sure I get a decent “Master” one with a nice big cock and a firm body, so at least I can enjoy being used by him. Look at them out there; none of them are in the least bit attractive, just jumped up bastards who think they can do anything they want. Hmm let me see, that one doesn’t look too bad, nice firm body, deep brown eyes, hmm maybe if I give him special attention then he can be the one, that wouldn’t be so bad, and mm a decent bulge in his pants. Oh yes Mr Brown-Eyes here I come.

So I wonder how this works, perhaps it will be like a beauty contest and we have to parade around in front of them, tell them about ourselves and perhaps flash a bit flesh. Lucky I have kept my body firm with plenty of energetic fucking. I will probably have plenty more of that to come, especially if I can snag that hot one. This shouldn’t be too bad, looking around I have it in the bag, these other sluts can please the ugly ones.

Alright here goes, time to get out there and show them what quality “meat” they can have, as I know that is all we are to them now. Quick pinch of the nipples so they stand out nice and firm and here goes. Hmm, seems we are all being taken out there at the same time, oh, there isn’t a stage, just like a party. So I guess they want to see us all up close, well that shouldn’t be a problem. I am used to schmoozing these bigwigs, it is how I managed to stay free for this long, and of course by perfecting my cocksucking skills, which may be necessary this evening too, maybe I can get Mr Brown-Eyes alone somewhere and convince him.

These guys are a bit “hands on”, I am sure that one deliberately brushed his hand over my ass, oh and that one touched my nipple, mm I quite liked that actually, cheeky bastards. Hmm, fuck they really are starting to get very touchy feely, they obviously think I am a dirty slut that they can just touch any way they please. Well fine, I will go along with it a bit, and show Mr Brown-Eyes that my body is responsive, giving little wriggles of my hips, pressing out my tits so he can see my nipples pressing out, bend a little, show my firm ass.

Oh fuck, this is getting a bit much now, one of these guys actually shoved his hand up my skirt and one of his fingers went right up my cunt, and another groped my tits openly. Oh god, they are tugging at my dress, the material is delicate it is going to… oh too late. This isn’t what I expected; they obviously want to inspect the meat more closely. Alright, I can handle this, I just need to keep my eye on the prize, the prize who is getting his cock out right now, in front of all the others and those eyes are looking more menacing now, as he grabs my hair, and drags me to his cock, shoving it against my mouth without even saying a word.

I have this, I know what I am doing, but do I want this? Yes here goes, wrapping my lips round his dick, I was right about the size, stretching my lips as I suck and slide my tongue down to his balls, mm this isn’t so bad. But hang on, I can still feel other men, pawing at me, pulling me back towards them, and oh god, one is pushing his fingers up into my cunt roughly, and now his cock. I can’t believe it; I have a cock in my mouth and one rammed deep inside my cunt. My body is being spun round so I am on top of the guy in my cunt and I can feel him thrusting up into me, deep and hard making me gag on the cock in my mouth. It is alright I can do this, I can show him, but fuck… fingers now being shoved into my asshole… ouch, stretching me wide. Oh fuck, is that? It can’t be, fingers replaced by another cock, pushing, stretching the tight sphincter. Can my body take this? oh wow,, I have never felt anything like this, cocks fighting for space inside me,, choking on the cock in my throat,, his hands gripping my hair,, holding me down, my body shuddering, struggling and moaning but they don't care; fuck meat, that is what I am to them.

I can hear his voice above me, hear him instructing them, telling them that he wants any girl he owns to have the skills to entertain his friends like this whore. What have I done? What have I let myself in for, I can feel hands groping my tits, digging into my skin, cocks sealing up every hole, taking turns to drain their cum into me, dragging me around like a rag doll. When will it stop? I am exhausted, please make it stop… and this is my life now, every night? Be careful what you wish for!

Story Contest: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Humiliated, utterly and totally humiliated, that is how Sylvia felt. Here she was at the registration office on the morning of her eighteenth birthday. ‘Happy birthday to me,’ she thought sarcastically to herself. She hated these new laws, where women had to be registered as meat and after that they were free game. She looked at the other girls in the waiting room wondering if they were as lucky as her. At least she would be safe for now as she was able to buy her freedom for a while thanks to the inheritance her father had left her mom and her.

“Sylvia Morrison.” A voice called and with a blushing face she got up and followed the female officer into the room. There was a woman with a tablet and she went over some details with her. Then she was directed to a photo booth and a snapshot of her face was taken. “Alright, get undressed.” The man that was also in the room ordered her. Sylvia blushed and couldn’t stop the slight tremble off her hands when she pulled her shirt off, then her jeans. She folded them and lay them on a bench then she took a deep breath before taking off her bra and her underwear.

She thought the humiliation couldn’t get worse but she was mistaken. After they took nude pictures from her from every angle possible, they took out a measuring tape. They measured her breasts and made a note of it. Then before she could brace herself the man pushed two fingers inside her and checked if she was really a virgin and how tight she was. Tears ran down her face because of the burning pain. The pain only got worse when he repeated it with the tight hole in her ass. She whimpered in pain. The man looked towards his half naked assistant after she had made the notations. “She gonna be up for sale?” The girl shook her head. “No, Sir, she is buying a pass.” The man looked disappointed and then ordered Sylvia to get dressed and to pay up at the desk.

Sylvia couldn’t get dressed fast enough. The man laughed and smacked her ass hard before she could get her jeans back on. Once she was dressed she went to the register and paid the fee she had to pay. When she got back home she took a very long shower in the hopes that she would ever feel clean again.

Life was good after that, too good probably. Sylvia went to school and to protect herself she wore a chastity belt and because of it she felt relatively safe. Though she was happy each time she could leave school and didn’t have to look at the horrors of girls that were enslaved and raped all around her. Some of them were humiliated to the bone. Being forced to give their owners blowjobs under the desk, being shared with the friends of the boys. They were dehumanized, being made into fuck toys, or into human horses to draw carriages. Sylvia often couldn’t believe her eyes.

Home became her safe haven. But it wouldn’t last for long. Her mother got a new boyfriend and the man, James, send shivers down her spine. She didn’t trust him and she told her mother that after James had proposed to her mother. It resulted in a huge fight. “You just don’t want me to find love again after your father.” Her mother shouted at her. “Mom, dad worked hard to make sure we had our freedom after he died, you are throwing that all away, you know that newly married woman are automatically slaves to their husbands.” It was no use. A few weeks later her mother and James got married and Sylvia lost her safe haven.

As she had predicted things changed in her home very soon after the wedding James started to train her mother with brute force. Sylvia tried to ignore it and stayed mostly in her room while investigating how she could get to safety. She didn’t feel safe at home anymore and wanted to leave her home. Maybe she could take the money that her father had left her and move to a different country where they didn’t enslave woman. But how would she get a visa to be allowed to leave the country? Travel was checked very strictly for women, especially when they were traveling without a man at their sides.

The situation got more and more stressful. There wasn’t a day that Sylvia didn’t awake to screams of her mother as James raped and whipped her body raw. Sylvia couldn’t take it anymore and rushed into the bedroom where her mother was tied, in a most impossible way, to the ceiling and James was whipping her. “Stop it, stop it you fucking bastard.” Sylvia screamed at James. “You have her and you don’t need to do this to her.”

To her surprise James started to laugh. “You stupid slut, this has never been about your mother, this is all about you. I have been waiting for you to break due to your mother’s treatment.” Sylvia looked at him, shock written all over her face. “You….You can’t do anything to me. I have my freedom papers.” He laughed again. “Do you really think I will let a piece of paper like that? Sure I can’t sell you legally, but trust me there are enough black markets where you can be sold and after that I will sell your mother and I will move on to the next free bitches.” Sylvia shook her head, but James ignored it and goes on to set out his plans. “My uncle was part of the group of men that made the laws. And it was never the intention that women could buy their freedom. But some political correct idiot with a daughter he wanted to keep safe made sure that the possibility was there. Me and my group are changing this one slut at the time and you and your mother were next on my list.” James grabbed a canister and sprayed something into Sylvia’s face. The last thing she heard was her mother screaming her name and then the world turned black around her.

When Sylvia woke she had an enormous headache. And it took her brain a few minutes to catch up with what had happened. She tried to get up but only then did she notice she was naked and bound in a crate. Panic grabbed her and she tried to scream, but couldn’t due to the gag in her mouth. Tears streamed down her face and at that moment she really hated her mother for bringing James into their lives. That was until she thought back to the words he had spoken and it was then that she knew that her mother could have done nothing to stop this. They had been targeted. The ropes tying her were cutting into her skin each time she tried to move, and each time that the crate moved due to the movement the thing was making where the crate was in. She wasn’t sure if it was a car, truck, train, ship or even a plane. Sylvia drifted in and out of consciousness and had no clue how long she was traveling or where she was being taken.

It was days later that the seals of the crate were broken open and she was taken out. She saw James and looked at him with great hate in her eyes as he signed her over. She had been signed, sealed and now delivered. Sylvia was taken into a room and there it seemed she got the whole humiliating check that she had at the registry office once again. A few days later she was cleaned and put on an auction block to be sold off to the highest bidder.

Stroy Contest: The Enslavement

Daddy had always said I didn't have to worry. That I was too ugly, too clumsy and just was not slave material. One of the circumstances that resulted from the Compulsory Female Slavery Act was that, in just one generation, most of the fat and ugly had been bred out of the gene pool. Once even the grossest of boys could have the prom queen - there was just no reason to breed someone who was thick, or wasn't simply beautiful.

Daddy said he would never sell me, he wouldn't get enough money to make it worth the effort. I had always felt privileged. With my big nose and my plus sized body, I wasn't anyone's idea of a sexy fuck toy. I could enjoy my freedom, probably forever. Even if I didn't pay for my exemption license, who would want to enslave an ugly fat girl, right?

Everything went along great. For a few years I paid the exemption fee to ensure I wouldn't be enslaved, but as I passed my mid-twenties and headed towards thirty, I though 'what the hell, nobody is going to claim an almost middle aged fat ugly woman' so I stopped paying altogether. Life went on. I went to work. I came home, I fed my cats and was all set to live happily ever after. I was never a news junkie. I paid little attention to the wars going on or which starlet had been enslaved that week. So I completely missed the almost ignored news that the CFSA had been amended.

The amendment was that any female who did not have current exemption papers, was subject to enslavement by the State. Suddenly there were slaves chained together picking up trash on the side of the road. Chained to carts sweeping streets. Generally doing all sorts of menial labor that probably saved the State a ton of money. I hadn't really noticed the change even though it was quite sudden. Everyone was so used to seeing girls doing all sorts of things, mostly just dreampt up by their owners.

It was a complete shock when it happened. It was late, about 1 am when suddenly my door burst open, three slave cops and two men barged in, weapons drawn, one of the slave cops had a paper she read "The female formerly known as Alice Harbold, resident female identification number 654-alpha-charlie-3389-echo, by order of the Bureau of Female Affairs, you are hereby ordered to surrender your belongings and your being, into custody for failure to maintain your freedom exemption taxes." The blood ran out of my face. I couldn't quite understand what was happening, but at the same time I did know. I guess I didn't want to admit to myself what was happening. A deep, dreading fear filled my entire being, I lost control of my bladder and wet myself and the bed as the slave cops grabbed me, stripped me completely naked and strapped my arms behind my back. I was blind folded and gagged with a huge dildo gag. I was lead to a vehicle and taken away.

When I woke, I was still bound, but my blindfold and gag had been removed. I was in a small, cold concrete room with a concrete bunk, hole in the floor for doing necessities and door made of bars. The door had a rectangle cut out at the bottom so they could slide the bowls of slut-chow through. I was hungry. I found out later, I had been given a large dose of tranquilizer and had been out for two days. My stomach rumbled as I sat up and moaned. There was a kind of jar on the wall filled with water with a metal tube hanging below it. Like a hamster's water bottle but bigger, I knelt before it, the only way I could drink was by kneeling, and drank until I felt the water swish in my stomach. I knelt there, my knees aching and sobbed. There was no way out. I knew this. I'd watched my entire life as one after another of the females I knew, friends, fellow students, co-workers, were all enslaved. I just never thought it would happen to me. Nobody wants a to fuck a fat, ugly slave.

The Free Female Tax Amendment put a change to all of that though. The government could now claim anyone not paying their freedom tax, and they did. I don't know how long I knelt there and cried before I heard a clank on the door. Startled, I looked and there was a middle aged man with his belly hanging over his belt. He was pushing a cart full of bowls of slut-chow, and carrying a metal staff that was maybe 3 feet long. "Come an get it, piggy" he slid a bowl of slut-chow under the door. I sat that and looked at him a moment, as if I didn't quite understand what he was talking about. His face darkened and he shoved the metal staff through the door and against my shoulder. Oh my god! The pain was horrible. My entire body lit on fire. I convulsed and lost control of my bladder, pissing all over myself and the floor. "What? Not good enough for you?" he laughed and pulled out his cock and pissed in the bowl "there, now it's not so dry" he laughed again, and moved on to the next cell, whistling an old tune I couldn't quite place.

I looked at the bowl with disgust. My stomach rumbled again. I had to eat. Eat or die...or worse, he would shock me with that stick again, so I shuffled over to the bowl on my knees. My arms were still bound behind my back. I noticed that my shoulders ached. I think I would have puked at the smell of the disgusting food swimming in the guard's stinky piss. I ate, hesitantly at first, tears falling from my eyes to mix with the piss and slut-chow. I'd never eaten like this before. It was hard and I made a huge mess. There was mushy slut-chow all over my face, my chin, some had dripped down onto my big, fat breasts which hung low and swayed as I ate.

I laid next to the bowl, exhausted, after I'd finished my food, and cried some more. I don't know how long it was before the guard came back. His name was Ted, I had found out later. He made a clucking noise when he saw me "what a mess you are, Jesus, are you so fat and dumb you can't even eat right?" Ted poked the metal staff through the bars again and I flinched "CLEAN THAT UP" he screamed at me. I suddenly wasn't as tired as I thought I was and licked the floor until I had almost all of the gunk up. "You better learn, you fat cunt, don't piss me off" and he shocked me again with that staff. The pain was unbearable, but it only lasted a moment until I passed out.

After that first day, they all rolled in together. Each day started with feeding time at 4 am. After that, it was job training.  This happened in a large warehouse type building. The pretty ones were chosen as fuck toys. Their training consisted mostly of getting fucked. They also learned office skill such as typing and filing. The best fuck toys were sent to the Slave Fair to be auctioned. The government would use them for visiting dignitaries or for the sexratary pool. I was chosen to be a plow mule. The government decided that they could grow their own ingredients for their slut-chow for less than they could buy it. Each day I was strapped into a harness, with a bit in my mouth and what seemed at first like the most enormous butt plug horse tail in the world. After a time, it wasn't as bad, but it has never become comfortable. I was trained to move with one snap of the whip on my naked ass and stop with two lashes. This was the most humiliating thing I had ever experienced. Naked, strapped to a plow and treated like nothing more than a simple dumb animal. I guess that's really what I was, even though I had a Master's degree in economics and had been the third top economics advisor at the firm where I had worked. I cried most of the day and cried myself to sleep each night. Living on the one daily ration of slut-chow, and pulling that heavy plow each day. They made the plow heavier and heavier and heavier.

We weren't allowed mirrors, but I did notice my leg muscles growing, becoming more defined as the training continued. I was not allowed to speak, ever. The BFA slave collar would detect speech and send a severe shock through my neck if I even talked to myself. I learned quickly to stop talking. My ass was constantly sore from the plug and the whippings. The bottoms of my feet had become like leather almost as I pulled that plow day after day after day. Eventually, it was time. I was cleaned up and finally saw a mirror. I had lost most of my fat, my tits looked quite large compared to my waist now, but the most change were my legs. They were thick and knotted with muscles. Each thigh was almost as thick as my waist when I was loaded into the cattle truck and shipped out to the farm. The foreman was a mean, grizzled old man. He was free with his hands and the whip. Sometimes he would beat us just to hear us moan and try to get us to say something so he could watch us getting shocked.

That first night at the farm was horrible. Locked in a stall, in the cold, I paced back and forth in the small area until the foreman came. "Well, little filly" he smiled with his crooked yellow teeth "now you'll learn what real work is like" he laughed, his breath stank. He entered my stall and bent me over the feeding trough. I had never had sex before. They never fucked me at the training. I wasn't meant to be a fuck slave, I was meant to be a work slave. The foreman didn't seem to care "I like fucking the new fillies" he said as he grabbed hold of my still plump hips and shoved his fat stinking cock into my virgin pussy. I raised my head and screamed in pain and shame and humiliation. He pumped and pumped. It seemed like he fucked me for hours until he pulled out, yanked me around so he could cum on my face. It was gross. Sticky, slimy, hot and tasted horrible. He bound my hands so I couldn't clean up and left me in the stall, his cum drying on my face. I cried myself to sleep again, something that would happen just about every night for the rest of my life.

The day's work was toiling. Pulling a plow in a real field was so much harder than in training. The ground was uneven and painful on my feet. The plow driver was free with his whip, always urging faster and faster. My ass stung and burned so much I cried the whole time. During lunch, the plow driver would usually fuck one of my holes. Whichever he chose, he almost always came in my mouth, even if he was fucking my ass. That was the worst, when he fucked my ass and fed me his cum right after. Don't get me wrong, I was grateful for the extra portion of food. I think they fed us just enough slut-chow to keep us alive and functioning. I was loosing weight even more, except my legs of course. My thighs were growing even bigger, so disproportioned, but nobody cared about that. My looks didn't matter, my feelings didn't matter. It only mattered that I could do the work.

One day, after three or four years on the job, my ankle went under me and cracked. I was scared. I never knew what happened to lamed plow mules. I had seen some leave the farm. After years in silence, I could no longer remember how to talk even if I'd wanted to. And why should I? I was a work animal, nothing more. But after I had broken my ankle, I was so scared I would be put down. That's what they did with horses back when they used them. I didn't want to die. They took me to the vet to have my ankle fixed, and I heard the vet tell them I wouldn't be able to pull a plow any more. Fear swept over me. I trembled and cried, I would have pleaded but I couldn't talk. I spent a few more days in my stall before they came for me. Each of the plow drivers and the foreman all took turns filling my holes with their cum before plugging me up. Plugged my ass, plugged my cunt and gagged my mouth. They bound me tight and put me in a box and shipped me off like that, stinking and full of their cum.

I was sent to a new type of farm, one I hadn't seen or even knew existed. There was no training for this type of farm where I was trained. I suppose, there was no need for this type of training. I was locked into a stall, bent over with my ass up in the air and my large tits hanging down. I was in a long, narrow building with other girls locked in the same position. They brought in prisoners to do the labor, which was fucking us, one after the other. They sometimes fucked our asses, but always would cum in our pussies. I soon realized I had been sent to a breeding farm. They laced our slut-chow with special drugs that made us produce multiple babies each time. These were all females, I'd never seen nor heard of anyone giving birth to a male. The drugs had the added benefit of altering our biology so that we gave birth to three or four healthy calfs in six months in stead of nine. Once we started producing milk, they attached milkers to our udders and milked us several times a day.

I've been here for the last five years...I think, I try to keep track but sometimes it is so difficult to remember. I used to have a name, I kind of remember that, almost but I don't remember what it was. I used to have parents, I think. What I do know is that I am a breeding cow. I make milk for the masters and they bring in studs to fuck me and make me give them more slave calfs.

All in all, it is not a bad life.

Story Contest: Brutal Experiment

William Harlow was a nondescript middle aged man. Balding on the top, small round wire frame glasses perched on his nose and about twenty extra pounds around his waist. He lived in a smallish, nondescript house and drove an aging nondescript car. He surveyed his class with contempt. He was not a happy man, despite being a brilliant doctor. He had resigned to his fate. His mediocre job teaching biology at the high school, surrounded by his co-workers of mediocre intelligence. He graduated top of his class at medical school. He had ideas, great ideas. His research progressed quickly, the only thing holding him from moving farther was all the red tape needed to test his experiments on humans. That's what eventually got his medical license and shamed him into resorting to teach high school biology to a bunch of hormone ridden rich kids.

The Compulsory Female Slavery Act went into force and he realized that females, once enslaved, were no longer human. That he could do whatever he wanted with his property. He had several patents to his name and was not a poor man, despite driving an old car and living frugally in a small house. He spent the next few years enlarging his basement. He bought the empty lot next to his house and built his basement bigger under that piece of land. Above it looked like any other empty lot, though he did keep it mowed and tended. He filled his underground laboratory with the best medical equipment money could buy. Once completed, he went to the Slave Fair and bought his first slave. His first subject.

Harlow looked at the naked slave bound to the gurney in his lab. CummyKitten was a used model, having been enslaved almost the day the CFSA became active. She was probably thinking she would be some kind of fuck toy for her new owner, but she wasn't prepared for what was to come. She wasn't purchased to be a sex slave. William had little interest in fucking this slave. Sure, he fucked her now and then, but that was not her primary purpose. No, her primary purpose was to test out his new serums and his new body modification procedures.

He started with injections to increase her bust size. He purposely picked one with quite small tits, the fact that the slave was less expensive than the models with big tits was immaterial. He'd worked on this serum for several years before he was fired from the hospital and forced out of practicing medicine. He kept maticulous notes. The first inject was 5ccs into each of her tits, right into the nipples. Oh, how she screamed with that firt treatment. She screamed and cried. The serum burned as it worked its way through her smallish tits. Harlow left here there after the injections.

CummyKitten was left alone, in utter darkness, cold an shivering on the laboratory table. She was scared. More scared now than when her father first sold her to their old neighbor. The pain in her tits was excruciating, she'd never felt pain like that before. She screamed until she was hoarse and cried herself into a fitful sleep. The next morning her new owner, William Harlow, returned to the room. He measured her again and nodded agreeable "You've grown a full two inches" he told her in a rather cold, clinical voice while he made notes on his clip board. He got let her off the table long enough to clean up, use the bathroom and eat a portion of slave-chow from the bowl on the floor. She might not be a sex slave, but she was a still a slave nonetheless.

Two more weeks of this work. He had her clean and keep his house during the days. Before his supper though, he would strap her back down on the table and inject her nipples with more of the serum. Each night, it seemed the pain in her tits was more than the previous night. And they grew. CummyKitten's tits went from a 24 A cup to a 48 DDD in a week. Her skin was stretched tight, so thin it was almost translucent. They were painful though, so very painful. Almost any touch was painful to her. Harlow found them fascinating. He wasn't sure the thin skin was desirable, he wasn't sure they wouldn't tear open, he had to make sure though. If he was going to be offering "designer slaves" he had to have a solid viable product.

He was tempted to stop the injections, but he had to know. How big could a small tit girl get before it was too big? Before her skin could no longer hold in the massive size of the breasts. He kept up the injects. They grew more rapidly after the first week. This he hadn't counted on, but it was like the serum built on the previous injections. Her tits grew and grew. The next week he gave CummyKitten her shots in the mornings, so he could watch throughout the day as the tits got bigger and bigger. He knew he was going to take them all the way. He didn't know if the slave would survive the experiment, but he knew she'd be ruined if she lived.

After 10 days, CummyKitten was not able to stand on her own due to her over-sized and heavy tits. The flesh around her now massive udders grew thinner and thinner. On the 12th day, just before he strapped her down to sleep, they burst. The flesh tore into ribbons. He was delighted with the results. CummyKitten had lost a lot of blood, but Harlow was able to save her life. Though as predicted, her tits were completely destroyed. The stretched ribbons of flesh hung from her body like streamers. He dumped her in a trash can behind the Slave-Mart where lots of other people discarded their no longer wanted or useful slaves.

Story Contest: Sissycunt’s Diary

My name is Sissycunt Spunkytits, but my master just calls me Sissy. I used to be a girl, but now I’m just a mindless fucktoy for his pleasure. I was enslaved on my eighteenth birthday, and have been devotedly serving my master for a year since. At first, it was hard to adjust, but really, it’s not so bad. I don’t have to worry about paying freedom fees like all those uppity barenecks walking around like they’re not just cunts like the rest of us, I don’t have to worry about anything but obeying my master. As long as I’m a good girl, he doesn’t punish me much, and I get all the girlfodder and fresh animal cum I can eat. It’s really not so bad. Owwww!!!

Sorry about that. My zapper went off. I’m in my bed right now, trying to sleep. I have a NightZapper® in my pussy. It electrocutes my poor little slit every 30 minutes, to make sure I don’t get too much rest. I won’t be able to talk to you much longer, it’s almost 6:30am, and I need to clean the house and make my master’s breakfast before I wake him up by sucking his cock. That’s my first duty of the day. After that, I dutifully serve as a table, for him to eat his breakfast off. I don’t like doing that, since the plate always burns my back, but I’ve learned to do it without wriggling or whimpering. That way I get whipped less before bedtime. I have to go perform my duties now. Talk soon!

Mmm… I don’t have long. My master is just outside. He’s had breakfast, and I just cleaned his cock after he went to the toilet, and helped him get dressed. Oh, I think he’s coming back!

Today has been busy. My master took me with him to work, and I didn’t get a break at all. I was sucking his cock under his desk all morning, then he took me to a meeting after lunch and let the whole room gangbang me. My holes are still aching and dripping cum… When he finished work, he took me to the local GirlMart, and looked at the new teen cunts. I’m worried he might be looking to replace me. I’m going to be extra good for him from now on. I really really don’t want to be sold yet. I sucked his cock while he was eating his dinner, watching a new show on TV, and carried on after he fucked my poopy hole before he went to bed. Like always, he went to sleep with my mouth on his cock. I should really get to sleep now before my next zap…

Urghh… That was a rough night… I barely slept a wink with my zapper electrocuting my pussy. I’m still sore from yesterday’s gangbang. Oh well, almost time for me to start my duties. It’s Saturday today, and it’s the date of the annual Slave Fair. My master never misses it. Last year, he took me with him. It was amazing and horrible. So many poor girls being raped and abused. Slave traders from all over the country come to show their goods, and also sex toy and bondage gear manufacturers. It’s amazing what they can come up with to humiliate and abuse us women. The latest thing at the moment are these little carts that men can ride in, pulled by girls in pony tackle. It looks so degrading and painful… I hope my master doesn’t buy one for me! I should really get moving, almost time for me to start sucking his cock again.

I’m on my way to the Slave Fair now. My master bundled me into the trunk of his car with dildos in my pussy and ass. Every bump in the road sends spikes of pain into me. Ow! I hope we’re nearly there. My master seems excited. He barely ate anything for breakfast, and seemed to not even enjoy pissing down my throat like he usually does. Ooh, he’s opening the trunk!

Oh dear! Oh no! It happened! He sold me! No… He didn’t even sell me… He part-exchanged me for a younger model! I’m so scared… I don’t know what will happen to me now! I’m a used cunt, no-one pays top dollar for a cunt as used and stretched out as me… I  wish I’d been a more obedient, better slave for my master. Oh dear! They’re keeping me in a cage now, in a dark room with other second-hand slaves. Some of the other girls are saying that we’re going to be sent to a slave orgy. They’re saying that girls sent to these things don’t survive. They get fucked to death by hundreds of men, and if any of us are still alive in the morning, we’ll be put to sleep. Another girl is saying that we might be sold as single-use slaves, since we've lost most of our value. Oh God! Those women suffer so much... Please come back, master! Huh? Someone’s coming into the room!

They left… And they took about twenty sobbing women with them. They just picked them out like cattle! Oh God! What are they going to do with us?! I can’t stop crying. I wish my master would come back for me. I want to go home to my little bed where I belong…  Hey, someone’s coming again. Maybe it’s my master!

This just keeps getting worse and worse… I’m in a van with about ten other slaves like me, they're taking us to a slave orgy!  I’m terrified… We’re all naked and chained together. Eww… the girl next to me just pissed herself. I can’t get out of the puddle. Gross! They must be just rumours about those places. It can’t be that bad, can it? They wouldn’t actually kill us… We’re still fuckable. We still have value… It doesn’t make sense. It can’t be true... Oh no! The door is opening!

The End.

30 November, 2015

'Tis The Season

We've decorated The Gentleman's Retreat for the winter holidays. Be sure to stop by and enjoy the decorations and the Aurora Borealis.

And you cunts, don't forget to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want for Christmas!

November Gang Bang

The Gentleman's Retreat November gang rape was a smashing good time. Plenty of gentlemen were on hand to fill Tabea-Esther's cunt, ass and mouth with gallons of fresh, strong seed. I swear, if that bitch didn't get pregnant, she must be broken!

The lottery board for the next even is up and accepting entries. We'll announce the next gang rape after a winner is selected.

NOTE: For those not in the know; the placard displayed below is the entry for the lottery. Gentlemen, no need to click the board and enter the lottery, you are all always invited. Bitches, enter the damn lottery! You can't win if you don't enter. The winner is selected by a random number generator. Once a winner is selected, we work out a time and date when they can be sure to attend. No use having a gang bang if the main attraction can't show up, right? This process provides two important things.
A fair and impartial manner in which to select a victim
A fairly balanced amount of different times and days the event is held.
Be sure to follow this website, and more importantly the group notices so you know when the next one will be.

Gang Bang Lottery Entry Board

22 November, 2015

TGR Story Contest Announced

Hey Remember that comic we send out the other day? Well here is why:

We're hosting a story contest with L$1000 in prizes.

1st place: L$500
2nd place: L$300
3rd place: L$200

The story must be a minimum of 500 words and must be based within the world envisioned by the comic book writer Erenisch (please see previous notice which included a copy of one of his comics titled "The Society").

Entries should be submitted to Spirit Wrexan and CarloAntonio Negulesco. Spirit and Carlo will select what they determine to the be the best entries and post them at http://thegentlemansretreat-of-sl.blogspot.com/ without the author's names. We'll post a poll so everyone can vote for their favorite. You have until December 15th to send in your story and the voting in the poll will open on December 20th. The winners will be announced after Christmas.


Here is the background story. This is the world in which your story should take place:

It is 2022. Many countries have passed the  “Compulsory Female Slavery Law” that legalizes the sexual use and trade in nubile women over 18 years of age. When a girl reached slavery age, she can be bought and sold, hired and whored, and used in every way imaginable like a piece of property…. She becomes her Masters personal property.

It is common practice among young girls who turn 18 to postpone such a horrible fate by taking long vacations abroad, especially in countries without the compulsory slavery for females. Though this is not a fool-proof plan. There are black market slavers who kidnap young females from the so-called "Free States" and smuggle them into the markets at the Slave Fairs, or sell them to be trained as puppies, kittens, ponies or even dairy cows.

When enslaved and sold, a woman is officially registered by the Bureau of Female Affairs. The BFA determines the slave-tax and owner must pay for the slave women he keeps. These taxes fund the infamous Slave Enforcement and Fugitive Retrieval Unit of the BFA, better known as the Slavecops. BFA was much feared by slave thieves and runaway slaves.

A woman can buy her own freedom for a short period of time by paying a huge sum of money to the Bureau of Female Affairs. In order to maintain her free status a female must not break any laws during her period of immunity.


Have fun writing and we look forward to reading your stories!

With kind regards,
Carlo and Spirit

Giving Thanks the TGR Way!

This coming Saturday, 28 November at 3:00 PM SLT, we gentleman can all give thanks for the next TGR Gang Rape.

We've selected a nice bird for this round; Ebony Avenger (angelareir) will be served up, hot and juicy.

It would be a foul ordeal if we didn't get this bitch pregnant in the process!

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director

26 October, 2015


We've had a complaint about someone being harassed due to the photo contest.

If the evidence shows this to be true, the perpetrators will be banned from TGR.

If those involved fess up (To Spirit and Carlo) and apologize, there will be only a temporary ban.
If not, the ban will be permanent.
There won't be any appeal, there won't be any unbanning in the future.

We have to tell you that this makes us VERY angry. This kind of shit is completely unacceptable. We try to organize some nice things for all of you. But if it goes like this all that The Gentleman's Retreat will be is an RP place.

25 October, 2015

Voting is open

Thank you all for the wonderful pictures that were added to the contest and we especially want to thank those that have added to the prize money.

The voting is now open. Everyone has 3 votes and you can't vote for yourself. The big board shows the 5 people that are in the lead with the most amount of votes.

How to vote:
  • Click the small board of the person you want to vote on.
  • In the blue pop up click the vote option.
  • It will tell you in local how many votes you have left.
You can either vote on 1 person (all 3 of your votes) or spread them out. Voting ends on Halloween day. Have fun voting.

Keep an eye out here and in notices though as we have something special coming up soon. *winks*

21 October, 2015

Halloween Photo contest

Hello everyone,

Time for a little contest, a photo contest this time with a prize money of at least L$ 1000. The winner will get L$ 500, second place L$350 and third place L$150. Anyone can increase the L$ prize by paying L$ to the top5/server board after the contest has been opened.

As for how the winner will be decided, well will be all you also as there will be a week of voting going on and everyone gets 3 votes. You will need to be in the group to be in the contest and to vote so if you tell your friends about this make sure that they will become members of The Gentleman’s Retreat Group.

Putting up your pictures for the contest will be as of today (the 18th) till the 24th.
The voting will be from the 25th till the 31st 7pm SLT.

The Rules:
Yes, sorry there are some rules.
  1. The pictures need to be solo pictures
  2. The pictures need to be of a Halloween outfit. So yes I know we like the nude, but in this case you really need to wear something of a costume. But they may sure be sexy.
  3. The contest is both for the girls and the guys.
  4. Only one picture per person allowed, though you are allowed to change the picture.
  5. Only 3 votes per person, though you are allowed to give all your votes to the same person
  6. Photo’s maybe be taken by a photographer
  7. Photo’s may be edited by photo software (such as GIMP or Photoshop)

How to add your picture:
You can join by touching one of the unused photo boards. The photo board will try to load your profile picture and display it. Once loaded, you can now change it by loading another photo/texture into it. In order to do that, hold down the CTRL key and drag a picture from your inventory onto the photo board while holding down the left mouse button. The frame will highlight to red and you can release the left mouse button. The picture/texture has to be FULL PERM (also for next owner) due to technical reasons. If done properly the picture will be displayed and the photo board changes to voting mode.

Changing your picture:
To change your picture, touch the sign and you will receive a menu with some options: 
Load Picture:
Changes the photo board to picture loading mode. Update your picture by following the instructions above. Touch to keep the picture and to proceed to voting mode again. (This will happen automatically after 2 minutes as well).
Profile Picture: 
Tries to load you profile picture onto the photo board. After that it will change to the "Picture Loading mode". Touch to keep the picture and to proceed to voting mode again. (This will happen automatically after 2 minutes as well).
If you have disabled "show in search" in your profile, the system will not be able to acquire your profile picture. On change it will take up to 24 hours until it will be available.
Close Menu:      
Closes the menu with no action
Abandon will close the photo board and remove yourself from the contest.
Once the voting is opened, you get 3 votes. You can NOT vote for yourself and the board will tell you how many votes you have left. The top 5 of the votes will be listed on the contest board.

If more boards need to be added or you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

11 October, 2015


The lottery is open once again.
Sign up early (but only once  - you cheating whores!).
If you don't enter, you can't win!*

The next Gentleman's Retreat Gang Rape will be announced after a winner is selected.

Attached is what the sign to enter looks like.

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director

The Gentleman's Retreat

*Females only enter, please.

10 October, 2015

Shameless Promotion: LGBTQ Dedicated Gacha Event.

Spirituous is entered in a Gacha event. Have fun and I hope you get some nice prizes. The dress I have put in is a nice Open back dress. and the ultra rare one is the evening gown with open back
Our very own and very lovely Spirit is entered in the Popup Gacha Event.

A LGBTQ Dedicated Gacha Event!

Find it here: LGBTQ Dedicated Gacha Event

Heres the event flickr group to see what we're selling in what's coming in future rounds.

We hope to see you there!


Original Art on Display

Original artwork  by our very own Kelderek Kilda is available for sale in The Gentleman's Retreat. The works can be viewed and purchased in the bedroom and in the attic.

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director

The Gentleman's Retreat

The Bitch Survived At Least


05 October, 2015

Set Your Alarms, Gentlemen

The next Gentleman's Retreat Gang Rape will be this coming Saturday, 10 October at 7 AM SLT.

The party favor this time is little Ann Chiung. She may be tiny, but I'm pretty sure we won't break her (too badly).

Skip the coffee, show up pissed and ready to damage this cunt.

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director

27 September, 2015

And The Winner Is...

Ann Chiung is the lucky bitch this time around.
This cute little gook is going to be a fun party!

The date and time for the next TGR Gang Rape will be announced shortly.

Stay tuned for details!

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director

26 September, 2015

Thanks To Everyone (and a bit of a rant).

I created The Gentleman's Retreat so that people could role-play in a place with a patriarchal, misogynistic theme. I know this is not the only place for this type of play. All of what I consider success with this sim is due to you, the players. You who come here not only knowing, but wanting what it is that is played here. We have some truly exceptional players. I don't really track the traffic. I look at it just about every day I'm online, but I don't keep a spreadsheet and track the ups and downs. That's not what this place is about. I will say, in the past few months thanks to some new blood we've got a pretty steady traffic of 8K and above.

It's never been a goal to have a super busy sim. A place where people stand around and talk in IMs with each other. I'm sure we've all been to those. They have traffic in the 20Ks and 30Ks and above. You go there and it's full of avatars just standing around. Maybe there will be a few couples in some corner of the sim getting busy. Mostly though, it's just avatars standing, doing nothing or chatting each other up in IM.

Along the lines of keeping people interested. Of keeping you great folks coming back again and drawing in new blood, I started the gang rape event. These happen about once a month, give or take a week or two. From past experiences (some of you might remember the Rape Club events I used to host) I know there are usually many more women interested in being gang raped than there are men willing to gang rape some busty, slutty fuck puppet. If I decided which bitches would be victims, there would - quite naturally - be complaints of favoritism. I cannot deny that it would play into my decision who was the "victim". I'd quite naturally choose those who I see here before others I barely see.

For this reason, I developed the lottery system. The bitches that want to participate can enter the drawing. Those that don't like the idea, simply do not enter. That's the way it works. Each one that enters the lottery is put into a list. I have a random number generated that randomly selects a number from 1 to however long the list is. The person at that position in the list, is the winner. This, I feel, is the most fair way I can select a winner. Despite this, there are still those the complain they don't win. We've had four or five events since we started this. We get about 28 - 40 entrants for each event.

Now, I know it can be disappointing to you whores that you aren't selected. All I can say is, give it time, keep entering. It costs nothing to enter. Additionally, if you don't think you have the time to participate, please do not enter the drawing. If you have certain restrictions placed on you by your owner/master/mistress/whatever - don't enter if they are at odds with your participation. Remember, we have all kinds of men at TGR. Some fat, some thin, some tall, some old,  with all different ethnicity.

24 September, 2015

A New Device

I want to thank everyone for the generous donations you've made to The Gentleman's Retreat.
With the funds, I installed a new device from ThinkKink - the Hopeless II wall chain system.
You can see all the poses available for it right here.

20 September, 2015

New Flickr Group

The Gentleman's Retreat has a new Flickr(r) group.
Hop on over to


It is a closed group so only TGR photos get posted.
Please make sure you include your SL login name with the request to join the group.

See you all there!

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director
Welcome to the Gentleman's Retreat.
Feminists welcome.