27 September, 2015

And The Winner Is...

Ann Chiung is the lucky bitch this time around.
This cute little gook is going to be a fun party!

The date and time for the next TGR Gang Rape will be announced shortly.

Stay tuned for details!

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director

26 September, 2015

Thanks To Everyone (and a bit of a rant).

I created The Gentleman's Retreat so that people could role-play in a place with a patriarchal, misogynistic theme. I know this is not the only place for this type of play. All of what I consider success with this sim is due to you, the players. You who come here not only knowing, but wanting what it is that is played here. We have some truly exceptional players. I don't really track the traffic. I look at it just about every day I'm online, but I don't keep a spreadsheet and track the ups and downs. That's not what this place is about. I will say, in the past few months thanks to some new blood we've got a pretty steady traffic of 8K and above.

It's never been a goal to have a super busy sim. A place where people stand around and talk in IMs with each other. I'm sure we've all been to those. They have traffic in the 20Ks and 30Ks and above. You go there and it's full of avatars just standing around. Maybe there will be a few couples in some corner of the sim getting busy. Mostly though, it's just avatars standing, doing nothing or chatting each other up in IM.

Along the lines of keeping people interested. Of keeping you great folks coming back again and drawing in new blood, I started the gang rape event. These happen about once a month, give or take a week or two. From past experiences (some of you might remember the Rape Club events I used to host) I know there are usually many more women interested in being gang raped than there are men willing to gang rape some busty, slutty fuck puppet. If I decided which bitches would be victims, there would - quite naturally - be complaints of favoritism. I cannot deny that it would play into my decision who was the "victim". I'd quite naturally choose those who I see here before others I barely see.

For this reason, I developed the lottery system. The bitches that want to participate can enter the drawing. Those that don't like the idea, simply do not enter. That's the way it works. Each one that enters the lottery is put into a list. I have a random number generated that randomly selects a number from 1 to however long the list is. The person at that position in the list, is the winner. This, I feel, is the most fair way I can select a winner. Despite this, there are still those the complain they don't win. We've had four or five events since we started this. We get about 28 - 40 entrants for each event.

Now, I know it can be disappointing to you whores that you aren't selected. All I can say is, give it time, keep entering. It costs nothing to enter. Additionally, if you don't think you have the time to participate, please do not enter the drawing. If you have certain restrictions placed on you by your owner/master/mistress/whatever - don't enter if they are at odds with your participation. Remember, we have all kinds of men at TGR. Some fat, some thin, some tall, some old,  with all different ethnicity.

24 September, 2015

A New Device

I want to thank everyone for the generous donations you've made to The Gentleman's Retreat.
With the funds, I installed a new device from ThinkKink - the Hopeless II wall chain system.
You can see all the poses available for it right here.

20 September, 2015

New Flickr Group

The Gentleman's Retreat has a new Flickr(r) group.
Hop on over to


It is a closed group so only TGR photos get posted.
Please make sure you include your SL login name with the request to join the group.

See you all there!

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director
Welcome to the Gentleman's Retreat.
Feminists welcome.