26 October, 2015


We've had a complaint about someone being harassed due to the photo contest.

If the evidence shows this to be true, the perpetrators will be banned from TGR.

If those involved fess up (To Spirit and Carlo) and apologize, there will be only a temporary ban.
If not, the ban will be permanent.
There won't be any appeal, there won't be any unbanning in the future.

We have to tell you that this makes us VERY angry. This kind of shit is completely unacceptable. We try to organize some nice things for all of you. But if it goes like this all that The Gentleman's Retreat will be is an RP place.

25 October, 2015

Voting is open

Thank you all for the wonderful pictures that were added to the contest and we especially want to thank those that have added to the prize money.

The voting is now open. Everyone has 3 votes and you can't vote for yourself. The big board shows the 5 people that are in the lead with the most amount of votes.

How to vote:
  • Click the small board of the person you want to vote on.
  • In the blue pop up click the vote option.
  • It will tell you in local how many votes you have left.
You can either vote on 1 person (all 3 of your votes) or spread them out. Voting ends on Halloween day. Have fun voting.

Keep an eye out here and in notices though as we have something special coming up soon. *winks*

21 October, 2015

Halloween Photo contest

Hello everyone,

Time for a little contest, a photo contest this time with a prize money of at least L$ 1000. The winner will get L$ 500, second place L$350 and third place L$150. Anyone can increase the L$ prize by paying L$ to the top5/server board after the contest has been opened.

As for how the winner will be decided, well will be all you also as there will be a week of voting going on and everyone gets 3 votes. You will need to be in the group to be in the contest and to vote so if you tell your friends about this make sure that they will become members of The Gentleman’s Retreat Group.

Putting up your pictures for the contest will be as of today (the 18th) till the 24th.
The voting will be from the 25th till the 31st 7pm SLT.

The Rules:
Yes, sorry there are some rules.
  1. The pictures need to be solo pictures
  2. The pictures need to be of a Halloween outfit. So yes I know we like the nude, but in this case you really need to wear something of a costume. But they may sure be sexy.
  3. The contest is both for the girls and the guys.
  4. Only one picture per person allowed, though you are allowed to change the picture.
  5. Only 3 votes per person, though you are allowed to give all your votes to the same person
  6. Photo’s maybe be taken by a photographer
  7. Photo’s may be edited by photo software (such as GIMP or Photoshop)

How to add your picture:
You can join by touching one of the unused photo boards. The photo board will try to load your profile picture and display it. Once loaded, you can now change it by loading another photo/texture into it. In order to do that, hold down the CTRL key and drag a picture from your inventory onto the photo board while holding down the left mouse button. The frame will highlight to red and you can release the left mouse button. The picture/texture has to be FULL PERM (also for next owner) due to technical reasons. If done properly the picture will be displayed and the photo board changes to voting mode.

Changing your picture:
To change your picture, touch the sign and you will receive a menu with some options: 
Load Picture:
Changes the photo board to picture loading mode. Update your picture by following the instructions above. Touch to keep the picture and to proceed to voting mode again. (This will happen automatically after 2 minutes as well).
Profile Picture: 
Tries to load you profile picture onto the photo board. After that it will change to the "Picture Loading mode". Touch to keep the picture and to proceed to voting mode again. (This will happen automatically after 2 minutes as well).
If you have disabled "show in search" in your profile, the system will not be able to acquire your profile picture. On change it will take up to 24 hours until it will be available.
Close Menu:      
Closes the menu with no action
Abandon will close the photo board and remove yourself from the contest.
Once the voting is opened, you get 3 votes. You can NOT vote for yourself and the board will tell you how many votes you have left. The top 5 of the votes will be listed on the contest board.

If more boards need to be added or you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

11 October, 2015


The lottery is open once again.
Sign up early (but only once  - you cheating whores!).
If you don't enter, you can't win!*

The next Gentleman's Retreat Gang Rape will be announced after a winner is selected.

Attached is what the sign to enter looks like.

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director

The Gentleman's Retreat

*Females only enter, please.

10 October, 2015

Shameless Promotion: LGBTQ Dedicated Gacha Event.

Spirituous is entered in a Gacha event. Have fun and I hope you get some nice prizes. The dress I have put in is a nice Open back dress. and the ultra rare one is the evening gown with open back
Our very own and very lovely Spirit is entered in the Popup Gacha Event.

A LGBTQ Dedicated Gacha Event!

Find it here: LGBTQ Dedicated Gacha Event

Heres the event flickr group to see what we're selling in what's coming in future rounds.

We hope to see you there!


Original Art on Display

Original artwork  by our very own Kelderek Kilda is available for sale in The Gentleman's Retreat. The works can be viewed and purchased in the bedroom and in the attic.

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director

The Gentleman's Retreat

The Bitch Survived At Least


05 October, 2015

Set Your Alarms, Gentlemen

The next Gentleman's Retreat Gang Rape will be this coming Saturday, 10 October at 7 AM SLT.

The party favor this time is little Ann Chiung. She may be tiny, but I'm pretty sure we won't break her (too badly).

Skip the coffee, show up pissed and ready to damage this cunt.

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director