27 August, 2016

Thanks to all of you, Constant Players.

Who's awesome?
YOUR awesome!

You all make The Gentleman's Retreat what it is. With you, Constant Player, this place is just a bunch of prims arranged in a specific manner. Without the wonderful people who play here, time and time again, this place is nothing at all. You, Constant Player, are what makes The Gentleman's Retreat special. Fun. Worthwhile.

With the month drawing to a close, your generous donations have paid just over a week's tier.
Thank you.
From the bottom of our hearts, THANK-YOU.

We had a bit of a rough patch with the move and people not knowing where we were.
You'll still get some notices about that, I want to make sure everyone knows about it.
For those who might not know, we're right here now.

Please take the poll on the right and help decide if we should install dance poles in the mansion. Personally I'm not a fan, I think they are rather low-brow and don't much fit with the old money theme we are trying to portray. But as stated, this really isn't MY place, Constant Player, it's YOURS. So if the votes come in to install them, that's what we'll do.

We have a few people now that can eject troublemakers.
If you run across griefers, give a shout in group chat and hopefully one will be on and can get rid of the asshats.

Warmest Regards,
Carlo Negulesco

23 March, 2016

Stepanie Got Filled to the Brim

The gang rape on 20 March was, what I would call, a rousing success! Stephanie got plugged again and again. That cunt was leaking from all three well-used holes. Here's some snapshots for your amusement.

06 March, 2016

02 March, 2016



We want to thank everyone who stuffed a few bills in that cigar box on the bar - as well as everyone who was so awesome it drove those to donate. Donations this month were  L$4K, a record for us. That covered just over a 1/2 week of rent!!

Thanks everyone!!
Carlo & Spirit.

The Lottery Is Running

The lottery is open.
Bitches get your asses over and sign up.
You can't win if you don't enter!

Carlo Neguelsco
Retreat Director

P.S. The next gang rape will be scheduled after a winner is drawn.

TGR Story Contest v. 2

We're hosting another story contest with L$1000 in prizes.

1st place: L$500

2nd place: L$300

3rd place: L$200

The story must be a minimum of 500 words and must be based within the Society of Distinguished Gentlemen.

Entries should be submitted to Spirit Wrexan and CarloAntonio Negulesco. Spirit and Carlo will select what they determine to the be the best entries and post them at http://thegentlemansretreat-of-sl.blogspot.com/ without the author's names. We'll post a poll so everyone can vote for their favorite. You have until April 15th to send in your story and the voting in the poll will open on April 20th. The winners will be announced the 2nd week of May.

24 January, 2016

The Lottery Is Open

The lottery board is setup and accepting entries.
You bitches get over there and sign up.
Remember, you can't win if you don't enter!

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director

P.S. The next TGR gang bang will be scheduled after a winner is selected.


17 January, 2016

January Gang Rape Cancelled

Due to too many conflicting schedules, we're just going to skip the January gang rape.

I'll put the board up again soon to open the lottery once more and we'll resume our gang bang sin February. All you bitches best be signing up again, cause after skipping a month, the Gentlemen are gonna be all pent up and shit and gonna use you HARD.

Warm Regards,
Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director

11 January, 2016

New Story Contest in the Works

Spirit and I are working on a theme for the next TGR story contest.
We got some really good stories in the last one.
Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Carlos & Spirit