24 January, 2016

The Lottery Is Open

The lottery board is setup and accepting entries.
You bitches get over there and sign up.
Remember, you can't win if you don't enter!

Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director

P.S. The next TGR gang bang will be scheduled after a winner is selected.


17 January, 2016

January Gang Rape Cancelled

Due to too many conflicting schedules, we're just going to skip the January gang rape.

I'll put the board up again soon to open the lottery once more and we'll resume our gang bang sin February. All you bitches best be signing up again, cause after skipping a month, the Gentlemen are gonna be all pent up and shit and gonna use you HARD.

Warm Regards,
Carlo Negulesco
Retreat Director

11 January, 2016

New Story Contest in the Works

Spirit and I are working on a theme for the next TGR story contest.
We got some really good stories in the last one.
Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Carlos & Spirit