02 March, 2016

TGR Story Contest v. 2

We're hosting another story contest with L$1000 in prizes.

1st place: L$500

2nd place: L$300

3rd place: L$200

The story must be a minimum of 500 words and must be based within the Society of Distinguished Gentlemen.

Entries should be submitted to Spirit Wrexan and CarloAntonio Negulesco. Spirit and Carlo will select what they determine to the be the best entries and post them at http://thegentlemansretreat-of-sl.blogspot.com/ without the author's names. We'll post a poll so everyone can vote for their favorite. You have until April 15th to send in your story and the voting in the poll will open on April 20th. The winners will be announced the 2nd week of May.

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