About Us

The Gentleman's Retreat can be found in Second Life.

Brief history:

Founded in 1812, the Society of Distinguished Gentlemen was created by the world's most elite men. Men who knew the natural order of things. The Society flourished over the past couple of hundred years and has clubs all around the world. The Gentleman's Retreat is one of the oldest such clubs in the world. The Society is comprised of the top 1% of the world's 1%. They enjoy a privilege and wealth beyond imagination. They are, quite literally, above any law in the world.

A male's domain - The Retreat is a place where men are men and females exist only to cater to their needs and wants - no matter how depraved those might be.

Type of Play:

This is a place for male dominant play. The worthless bitches that belong to The Retreat are here for YOUR enjoyment, guys. Hurt them, fuck them, humiliate them, do whatever you want (try not to kill them though, okay? thanks).

Guys, if some uppity bitch strolls in and thinks they should be treated as an equal, you are encouraged to show them their proper place.

This is a humans only place. Furries, dragons, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons and any other non-human entity that I haven't mentioned - this is not the place for you.

This is a male/female based RP sim. Trannies, shemales, fembois, futa and any other mixed-gender type of entity that I haven't mentioned - there are lots of places for you - this is not one of them.

This is a place for submissive females. Submissive males do not fit into the scenario. Dominant females who are not wanting to be 'put in their place' so to speak - will find this place not to their liking.

The Retreat is a place for fun and action. This is not designed as a place for long-term roleplay in the capture, breaking and training of sluts. It's not Gor. Don't expect the bitches to just drop to their knees and spread their thighs.


Retreat Visitor: Default role title. Send a message to CarloAntonio Negulesco or Spirit Wrexan  to request an appropriate title.

Retreat Gentleman - this is any male.

Retreat Property - females that belong to The Retreat who are here willingly, or at least have accepted they will live out their days as a plaything for the Retreat Gentlemen. These are ready and willing to serve the gentlemen as required.

Retreat Prisoner - females that belong to The Retreat who are here unwillingly. They can be unpredictable and reluctant to perform their chores. They need a hard and heavy hand and often must be forced to provide service.

 **NOTE**: Without getting into too much detail, The Retreat enjoys a location that is remote and secluded. We are on a homestead and have a limited number of prims. It should be imagined that there is an out-building near the main building which has a series of cells for prisoners and a dormitory for the properties. That there is security in and around the grounds and escape on one's own would be highly unlikely.

Suggested Attire

Males: Business style attire. Suite or slacks and collared shirt, tuxedo is fine. Jeans and t-shirts are frowned upon. After all, a gentleman dresses for success, not for romping around on a farm. Please note that this is a suggestion, we are the 1% of the 1% and we'll dress as we please.

Females: Lingerie is the preferred attire. Also acceptable are bikinis, skirts, daisy dukes or other short-shorts. Anything that shows a lot of skin and looks sexy. Nothing at all is also acceptable. Heels are encouraged.

Ten Simple Rules:

  1. Follow limits posted in profiles. No limits posted = no limits in play.
  2. "NO" means yes and (( NO )) means no.
  3. Roleplay in open chat - not in IMs.
  4. OOC chit-chat should be kept to a bare minimum. And placed between double parenthesis (( like this )).
  5. Bitches - try to avoid doing shit that will make a guy want to kill you
  6. Guys - try to avoid killing the dumb bitches
  7. Bitches - dress appropriately, you might piss a guy off bad if you're wearing constricting, hole covering clothing.
  8. Don't be a total cunt
  9. Don't be a total douche bag.
  10. HAVE FUN and show dem bitches who's da boss!

PLEASE NOTE: Breaking one or more of the rules once or repeatedly might get you ejected or banned - depends on the mood of the Admin. All decisions made by the Admins (Carlo & Spirit) are final. And, of course, poaching is undesirable. All play should remain on-sim.

With Kind Regards;
CarloAntonio Negulesco
Spirit Wrexan

The Gentleman's Retreat can be found in Second Life.