The Society of Distinguished Gentlemen: Brief History

The Society for Distinguished Gentlemen was founded in 1812 by the eight most wealthy people on the planet. They came from across the world and formed a secret club through which they could, more or less, control the world. And they did, and still do. Though The Society has grown in both numbers and influence by leaps and bounds in the past 200 plus years. As they grew, they had to change their by-laws.

Just how much wealth one must have for consideration of membership became blurred as the world economy changed and evolved. Currently, one must have a net worth of at least US$10 billion. This staggering requirement alone disqualified 99% of the top 1% of the wealthiest people on the planet. The Society evolved into different levels of influence. A member's net worth combined with their social and political influence gave them consideration to move up in the levels of membership. The Society started with their first club house high in the Andes in South America. This was called "The Gentleman's Peak" - it is still in operation today and is available only to those members who have reached the highest level of membership.

Less than 100 years later, in 1901, they opened another club house, when they added a second level of membership. This one in a remote region in Europe was called "The Gentleman's Retreat". As years passed they added another club house for each level of membership. "The Gentleman's Quest" for what is now the third level. "The Gentleman's Lodge" for the second level and "The Gentleman's Trust" for the first level. Any gentleman member may visit club houses at their level or lower. But may never, not even as a guest, visit a club house that is above their station. Attempting to do so would be immediate excommunication from The Society. Excommunication was not just being kicked out of a club. It was also being shunned by all members of The Society. No member would have anything to do with an ex-member or any of his businesses.

As might be expected, each of the club houses provided entertainment for the members. This entertainment was usually in the form of beautiful young women. One requirement of membership was a steadfast believe in the patriarchy. That men are men and women are subjugated to serve them. Some members were true misogynists, but most simply enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh and the fact that the females at the clubs were available to their whims - to an extent. Each of the clubs had a certain level of interaction that was allowed with the female entertainment. All of the females were, essentially, slaves. Some were kidnapped, others were bought on the market. A few of them were wives of members who were willed to The Society upon a member's death.

The Trust, for instance, allowed pretty much straight up vanilla sex. These were little more than "girlfriend experience" prostitutes. The Lodge allowed some mild bondage. At The Quest the gentlemen could torture the girls, so long as they didn't draw blood. With each level, the severity of abuse got stronger. At the Retreat, anything went, with the exception of death and dismemberment. A member could not kill or mutilate the stock. At the Peak the Peak it was no holds barred. Anything went. A gentleman could do whatever he pleased with the stock. Mutilate them, kill them, anything but eat them. Cannibalism was frowned upon at all levels within The Society.

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